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Nov 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
with kurt campbell. kurt campbell as you all know has been the assistant secretary of state for east asian affairs, east asian and pacific affairs since 2009 for president barack obama. previously, he was ceo and cofounder of the center for a new american security and concurs us director for the aspen strategy group co-chairman of the editorial board of the washington quarterly. he was the founder of strapped asia and strategic advisory firm, and with the senior vice president, director of international security program and henry a. kissinger chair in national security policy at csis. he is also an associate professor of public policy and international relations at the kennedy school of government and an assistant director of the center for science and international affairs at harvard university. doctor campbell has served in several capacities in government including his deputy assistant secretary of defense for asia pacific, director of the national security council staff, deputy special counsel to the president and the white house, and why do so at the department of treasury. for his se
Oct 31, 2012 7:30am EDT
. by also say i find it a little distressing when the president has secretary of state hillary clinton stand up to take the blame, a leader takes the blame. someone should be held accountable, it should be president obama. i really was disturbed when he had hillary clinton stand up and take the blame. that's not what a leader does. >> you want to respond to that at all? hochul: we agree on how the situation was handled. we must in watching different debate. i remember the president the united states take responsibly for those actions. >> go ahead spent we will move onto the next question and that is for mr. collins. super pac ad was released recently claim you fired one of 50 workers at buffalo china but several sources have criticized this had called it false. now, the question is, do you hold your opponent responsible, or can can this be held responsible engine for super pac adds that are made on their opponents behalf? collins: , i'm glad you brought this up. she's running wild. in fact, i save 245 jobs if ms. hochul with just a privacy and go china. i was lauded for a good step in into t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2